Goat Meat in India

Goat meat is not as largely used in the United States as beef, chicken, pork, and other, more familiar forms of meat. However, it is a common sight in India. The goat has historically proven to be a highly beneficial form of livestock for the Indian people, and has served as an important source of protein for centuries. Today, goats represent a full quarter of the total livestock in the country, not to mention over sixty percent of the total red meat consumed worldwide.

What is the Importance of Goat?
The appeal of the goat is easy to understand. First and foremost, there is no religious taboo against eating goat, which is a big concern in a country where many religious people are forbidden from eating the meat of cows, pigs, and other creatures. Indians throughout the country are freely able to feed off of both goat meat and goat milk, as well as make use of goat hide for various purposes.

As far as goat farming goes, the animal requires far less space and facilities than is required by cows. It is for this reason that goat farming became popular throughout many mountainous areas, where open grazing fields are in short supply. Raising goats also requires far less work and time, as the animal reaches an appropriate age for slaughter sooner than a cow.

The Nutritional Qualities of Goat Meat
Nutritionally speaking, goat meat is highly beneficial. A single 3-ounce serving of goat has only 122 calories, coming in far less than the 179 found in a comparable serving of beef and the 162 in chicken. The same portion of goat gives you only about 2.6 grams of fat, making it considerably leaner than beef, with its 7.9 grams of fat, and chicken, with its 6.3. Finally, in terms of cholesterol, three ounces of goat gives you only 63.8 milligrams of cholesterol; this puts it far below beef and pork, which both contain roughly 73.1 milligrams, and chicken, which contains 76 milligrams. If you’re trying to watch your intake of fat and cholesterol while still getting a healthy dose of iron and complete protein, goat is a strong alternative to more conventional red meat.

Goat in Spice Route’s Indian Cuisine in Bellevue
At Spice Route, there are many delicious ways to enjoy the great taste of goat dishes with the rich and distinctive flavors of India. Try a goat curry, a goat chettinad, goat pepper fry, goat vindaloo, or other goat-based Indian cuisine in Bellevue today!