Southern Sweets from India in Bellevue

Popular Desserts from South India

The word mitha means sweet in the Indian language, and so, all Indian sweets are collectively called Mithai. There are many varieties of Indian sweets that come from original sweets recipes.
As in other cultures, a sweet dish or drink is the final course of a meal. Most Indian desserts include milk or ghee as its main ingredient and you can find them in Indian bakeries.

There are also desserts made with fruits and nuts. In South India, desserts are served first to celebrate sweet beginnings of the occasion – like birthdays, weddings, house-warmings – as well as at the end of the meal.

Let’s look at some popular desserts much loved by Indians from the south, and you will,too. Like the Gulab Jamun, popular also in Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Gulab (rose) jamun gets its name from the rose colored jamuns (dumplings) that are soaked in sugar syrup. The sweet dumplings made with milk solids are very light and melts in the mouth.It is made out of milk powder, flour, semolina, lemon juice and ghee or butter. Its sugar syrup has rose essence and cardamom. Delicious whether served warm or cold.

Ras Malai (literally meaning juice cream) is cottage cheese (Chena) dumplings cooked in sugar syrup and soaked in sweetened condensed milk; it is served cold after garnishing with nuts. Rice Kheer is traditionally a northern dessert; it’s Indian rice pudding cooked in milk and sugar.

On the other hand, Beetroot Halwa is a traditionally southern dessert with halwa or halva meaning any dense, sweet confection. Halwa made of beetroots consist of grated beetroots, ghee and milk and sugar; nutmeg cardamom powder are added. It has that striking violet color from beets, sometimes with melon seeds as garnishing on top. Kulfi is a summertime favorite. It’s India’s ice cream, made of condensed and evaporated milk, heavy whipping cream, saffron strings, cardamom, and whatever fruit or nut you’d like to add. You can have mango kulfi, strawberry kulfi, or kulfi with almonds.

Sweet Recipes and Sweet Memories in Bellevue

After a course of spicy, rich delicacies at our Bellevue Indian restaurant, end the experience with any of our delicious sweets. As only southern Indian cuisine can offer, our desserts are just as authentic, natural and delicious served at the start or end of the meal.